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Post Surgery Rehabilitation Treatment

Updated: Jun 28

Liposuction , BBL procedure , Tummy tuck, Facelift , Neck lift, Rhinoplasty , Breast argumentation and reduction. Improving your rate of recovery. P.S (LDM) This is way beyond a just an LDM. This requires a lot of knowledge in a way that you will know when you can do L D M or not what kind of technique. This does not only apply to the basic of an LDM. Definitely requires a medical trainer, scar healing, knowledge of the impact of the surgery, type of surgery's technology and any complications that may occur during or after surgery. Such as skin detachment, inflammation, infection and exaggerated edema or seroma, hematoma, fibrosis, ecchymosis, syncope, hyperpigmentation, skin damage, necrosis, dehiscence, epidermolysis.

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